Each Buyer with experience has its own trading strategy. Buying a valuable lot, not bringing the trade to a high price, but leaving it as profitable as possible - it is a real talent. Sometimes for interesting bids on eBay auction begins a whole online battle among numerous buyers-competitors. As a result, sometimes it happens that the lot leaves at a price that exceeds its real value. But it's all about passion and tenacity, which in this case is not a plus.

To some extent, this problem can be solved by the Proxy Bidding feature, which is available to all eBay Buyers in the public domain. With this key, the user sets the maximum price he or she is willing to make per lot (it will be invisible to other bidders).

The so-called "sniper" programs - online services that are actively used by experienced eBay customers - are perfect for such situations.

Such programs were opened by companies that decided to earn money on the needs of modern users. The sniper scheme for the eBay auction works elementary. Buyers with experience, as a rule, do not actively participate in the auction and do not drive competitors with new bids. They offer a "bomb" bet in seconds before the end of online trading. And this bet will be a little higher than the previous one. This scheme is the basis for the work of "sniper" programs.